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For the second time in two weeks, a local woman walking a small dog on a leash has endured a bloody struggle to defend her dog from an attacking larger aggressive dog.

On Monday morning, shortly after 8:30 a.m., Margo Delgado was walking her a mini Labradoodle named Kai, on a Paseo just north of Via Rosa Linda in Valencia, near Whole Foods Market.

Margo Delgado.s mini Labradoodle named Kai attacked March 6 along the Paseo close to the Del Monte Pool in Valencia.

A dog owner, described as in his 60’s or 70’s, was walking his leash-bound pit bull – or Rottweiler – type dog in the opposite direction, the woman’s husband, Gil Delgado, told The Signal Friday.

This photo only illustrates what a dog looked like that attacked a Labradoodle on a Paseo just north of Via Rosa Linda in Valencia, near Whole Foods Market March 6. It is not the actual dog which attacked. The actual dog is reddish brown with black stripes.

“The pit bull-type dog crossed into the north-westbound lane and headed straight for Kai,” he said.

“My wife asked the owner if his dog was friendly, he replied ‘yes’ and yet immediately the pit bull attacked Kai, biting and clamping her (dog) around the neck.

“After several minutes of my Margo struggling to free our dog, a Good Samaritan neighbor named Jason heard my wife’s screams and came out of his home to help.

“He used a long pipe to pry the dogs jaws free from Kai’s neck.  I have no doubt that Jason saved our dog’s life,” Delgado said.

Margo Delgardo suffered “several puncture wounds to her hand,” according to her husband.

“When I arrived home my wife was covered in blood and Kai was completely silent,” he said. “We got her to the vet in a couple of minutes. The doctor said that Kai was lucky to be alive, but will make a full recovery.

“Unfortunately, the owner of the dog that attacked left the scene and did not leave his contact information,” Gil Delgado said, noting he posted flyers “all up and down the paseo” without luck.

Officials with the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control have now launched their own investigation.

“We are planning on investigating this incident,” Chris Kim, spokesman for Animal Care and Control told The Signal Friday.

Kim said Animal Control officers are expected to scour the neighborhood in an effort to locate the dog described by the Delgados and the dog’s owner.

“We do plan to go out and ask people in the neighborhood for help,” Kim said.

Monday’s attack comes on the heels of an attack that happened on Feb. 22 when two German Shepherds attacked and mauled a woman who was walking her tiny Pomeranian in Bridgeport.

The injured woman was taken by ambulance to the emergency room of Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital after being attacked by the dogs.

She suffered several puncture wounds to her arms, buttocks and hip from bites inflicted by the attacking dogs as she held her 8-pound Pomeranian over her head to protect the smaller animal.

“The dogs’ owner surrendered ownership of the dogs to the County (Animal Control),” Kim said at the time.

The dogs are scheduled to be humanely killed.


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  • Debbie Bell

    We need new laws that will make dog owners/ dog handlers / dog USERS care enough to keep their dogs and our communities safe and PREVENT that FIRST dog attack.

    It’s not possible to determine which of these attacks are intentional and which are negligent.

    When. I asked the insane yet honest pit bull breeders what to do if a pit bull attacks a victim dog, one answered, “Don’t intervene. Stand back, watch, and enjoy the show.”

    Consequently, we need severe punishments, but US prisons are overcrowded already, and too expensive as well.

    Fines alone aren’t working as the wealthy simply pay them and the poor simply don’t.

    Here’s a plan for an affordable, breed neutral law that, if publicized and enforced, will make a positive difference.

    Call these severe and fatal dog attacks on dogs, zoo-farm animals, humans, or on cats away from the dog’s property, what they are:
    Felony ANIMAL NEGLECT AND CRUELTY. They are worse than organized dog fighting, which is already felony.

    IMMEDIATELY remove all dogs from the suspect owner/ handler/ user’s property and control.

    Found guilty, ban ALL the dog’s OWNERS, HANDLERS, and USERS from ANY dog ownership for LIFE.

    The FBI recently added Animal Abuse to the crimes they track, so they can become the national registry.

    Severe punishment, if publicized and enforced, will make dog owners/ handlers/ users start to pay attention and take steps to reduce these attacks.

    Signs must be posted on the property: No Dogs Permitted.

    Any dogs later found on their property or in their control shall be immediately confiscated.

    Since the convicted neglectful animal abusers will no longer have any dog related expenses, fines and restitution can be more readily paid.

    Some will say,
    “But accidents happen”.
    Not if the dog’s owners prevent them!

    We must stop calling attacks “accidents” and start calling them “ANIMAL NEGLECT and CRUELTY.”

    This proposed law will reduce the numbers of reactive or deadly dogs, as there will be less demand, therefore less breeding, and breeders of these dogs will learn to be selective of their customers or risk losing customers to the LIFETIME bans.

    Those who actually care about the power breeds will start to be honest about their unique management needs and their disproportionate dangers, and therefore work to prevent attacks and save lives (dog and people).

    It must be a severe punishment to make dog owners provide management EVERY SINGLE DAY and PREVENT attacks.
    This law will help, and when enforced, it will reduce recidivism.

    So JUST keep your dogs safe:

    Don’t want to muzzle your power dog in public?
    Better think again.

    Think that you can let your dogs loose in your backyard; unsupervised while you are indoors or away from home? Perhaps you will reconsider that if you lose all dog ownership privileges?

    Don’t want to sterilize your power dogs, even knowing that un-neutered dogs attack more aggressively?
    What’s your ability to have any dogs worth to you?

    Does your son want you to board his dog for him?
    Are you certain that you and your fence can be 100% successful at keeping his dog contained?
    How will you feel if his dog’s escape results in a dead neighbor dog which in turn results in your permanent ban from any dog ownership or handling?

    Certain that your dog is safe with the visiting grand kids, neighbors?
    How certain?

    Think your friends or family members are capable of keeping your dog safe while you’re out of town, or in the hospital?

    How much does boarding cost?
    What is the privilege of dog ownership worth to you?

  • Vira Swanson

    Does anyone know the law on animal neglect and who I contact if I can prove neglect? I live on Ramada Drive, in the South Valley HOA and a family on this street owns a neglected Doberman Pinscher. It is home alone for 14+ hours per day locked in the garage, barks and whines most of the day, and has jumped over the fence to roam the street at least three times that I’ve witnessed. Hoping for some sound advice that will get results to protect the dog and the 10+ children who live on this street.

  • Lanna Ng

    My mom was walking my dog out here in Santa Clarita and this lady did not control her dog and her large dog attacked my mom and brutally killed my dog, Pepper. The lady admitted that she had a history of not being able to control her dogs, her previous dog was knifed because it was attacking someone else. Called animal control and the police and they both said there was nothing they could do until the same dog attacks and kills a person. WHAT KIND OF LAWS ARE THESE? Tried to file a lawsuit against the lady and found out that legally she can get away with not paying money towards my family. It does not even matter because money could never replace my baby Pepper.