Christy Smith announces candidacy for state assembly

Christy Smith

Only months after the last election concluded, Newhall School Board President Christy Smith announced that she will run again for the 38th District Assembly seat which she lost to Dante Acosta in November.

Smith said she plans to run her campaign differently than she did in the last election by putting her beliefs at the forefront of her campaign.

“What is really clear now, and I plan to do it in this next race, is really talk more about who I am instead of what I’m against,” Smith said. “I think voters made that pretty clear, that they want to know what they’re getting with their vote and not what they’re not supporting.”

Smith made her announcement on International Women’s Day, which she said highlighted the fact that she plans to work for women’s issues, which she said encompasses all issues. Her posts on both Twitter and Facebook announcing her candidacy went alongside a picture of her standing next to her daughters.

She said she received a lot of calls from people encouraging her to run and she wanted to capture the momentum of her supporters.

“There has been such a groundswell of women’s activism, not only here in the 38th (district) but across the state and across the country,” Smith said. “Women are just really hungry to get behind other female candidates.”

Smith said she intends to be fair to incumbent Assemblyman Dante Acosta and begin fundraising for her campaign without distracting from him.

“I have no intention of running a shadow race while he’s trying to do his job,” she said.

The school board president said she will keep education at the forefront of her platform. She also said she is passionate about local economic development and community investment, climate change, pay equity, child care and family-friendly work environments.

“Every day, it’s becoming abundantly clear to me that this moment in history calls for a bold and lasting movement powered by real people, on the ground, in our community,” Smith said in a statement.

She said she has seen this movement via the Women’s March, town hall meetings and other forms of civic engagement both across the state and the nation from people of all ages.

“It’s a movement that isn’t about any one of us, but rather all of us, and it’s what has inspired me to step up to the plate and to run again for the California State Assembly,” she said in the statement. “This movement has given me both the courage and the drive to stand up and fight against the politics of division and for a better life for the people of our community and our state.”

According to Smith, she wants to run her campaign as “by and for the people,” not by divisive partisan politics or in favor of large corporations or the wealthy.

“While California can’t necessarily control all the chaos stemming from repressive leaders in Washington, the fact remains that the promise of California is still shining bright, and I know that together, we can turn this backyard-driven movement into action right here, and bring progress to communities throughout the 38th District.”

Smith currently has over $40,000 in campaign funds.

The primary election in California will be held in June 2018.

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