Santa Clarita man tells the news

Santa Clarita Valley resident Chris Schauble co-anchors KTLA's morning newscast on Feb. 8. Austin Dave/The Signal

The early morning news shift can be a brutal one, but Santa Clarita resident and KTLA morning news anchor Chris Schauble describes mornings as the prime time to engage with viewers.

“I’ve worked all of the shifts in the business and the thing is, morning is the best,” said Schauble.

“It’s where I think we have the best audience interaction.”

He begins his day at 1:45 in the morning after his alarm clock goes off. By 3 a.m., he has arrived at the KTLA studio in Hollywood.

“And then from there, it’s straight into makeup,” Schauble said.

He spends the morning prepping for a three-hour live broadcast—reading and editing scripts and mentally preparing to be the face of a live broadcast. That task may daunting to some, but Schauble feels at ease on camera with almost 26 years of experience in the news business.

“The camera is kind of like an appliance,” Shauble said. “You’re not nervous around your microwave or your refrigerator.”

He admits that the only time things get a bit nerve-wracking is when breaking news is unfolding and new information is streaming in.

“I know that I really have to bear down and pay close attention,” Schauble said.

Besides the excitement of a car chase or being able to tell a heart-warming story, the morning anchor also finds satisfaction working with others to make a successful morning broadcast.

“Maybe it’s unique to our morning show, but it’s a family,” Schauble said. “We look out for each other. The best part is, if you have to get up that early, they make it fun.”

Schauble, however, doesn’t even consider hosting the morning show in one of the biggest markets in the industry to be his greatest highlight.

“The best part of my life hands down is being the father of my two sets of my twin daughters,” Schauble said.

“They are the great loves of my life. So for me, being able to watch them grow up and especially in the Santa Clarita Valley, is something special.”

You may see this anchorman during your morning coffee, but it’s not rare to also see him out in the community and helping coach his daughters in track.

“I give (my wife) the ultimate credit,” Schauble said. “She wanted a place with good schools, and a good community and the Santa Clarita Valley is just that.”

Schauble worked at another station for 10 years before coming to KTLA six years ago and has never second-guessed his decision.

“It’s been a blessing coming to KTLA 5,” Schauble said.

“Their people are awesome, they’re great to work with. It’s not just hyperbole, it’s really a family.”

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