Veterans Center to be announced

Volunteers Leticia Autry, left, and Vanessa Robles carry a bag of cement Jan. 14 as they join 21 Mercury Insurance employees, veterans and volunteers who installed new fencing at the site of the third phase of the veterans community created by Habitat for Humanity in Santa Clarita on Saturday. Dan Watson/The Signal
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Elliott Wolfe is a man who is driven to improve the lives of veterans here in the city of Santa Clarita, and beyond for that matter, by his efforts with The Santa Clarita Veteran Services Collaborative.

Wolfe is highly focused on his group’s current veterans project which is working to establish Santa Clarita’s very first Veterans Center.

His organization,, was founded last year with assistance from his wife Judy and College of the Canyon’s Chief Development Office of the COC Foundation, Murray Wood, and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Jerry Buckley.

Wolfe reports that this new center’s location will be revealed at the group’s meeting on Friday.

The plan includes establishing a center within Santa Clarita that will accommodate approximately 200 veterans, family members and friends.

It’s intended to serve as a place for relaxation where veterans can socialize with each other and swap war stories while enjoying a pool table, large screen television, snacks and drinks at no cost to veterans.

There are, however, two primary functions the center plans to provide which is employment opportunity information and special services for veterans – services such as counseling, legal assistance, housing, education, transportation, medical and dental services, and more.

It’s expected that the Veterans Center will open sometime in April, and be open Monday through Friday from Noon to 8:00 p.m. or 9:00 p.m..

The center will also be available to veterans for reunions, parties, weddings, and other such gatherings when reserved.


Bill Reynolds is the Director of Veterans Affairs for The Signal news media organization.






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