Firefighters tackle blaze near Tesoro del Valle homes

Firefighters tend to hose lines near a fire burning in the Tesoro del Valle neighborhood Tuesday evening. (Austin Dave/The SIgnal)
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Tesoro del Valle residents got a lick of fire season Tuesday evening after flames shot across ridgelines about 200 feet from homes.

The blaze was reported to emergency officials at 6:45 p.m. near the 29300 block of Madeira Drive in the Tesoro del Valle neighborhood, outside of Santa Clarita city limits.

Crews from Fire Station 156 reported the fire had involved a quarter-acre of underbrush behind several homes.

The blaze was also moving uphill into medium-sized brush.

A first alarm response was added to the response, which is generally an order for five fire engines, one battalion chief, three helicopters, four camp crews, one paramedic squad team and one patrol unit, according to fire department spokesman Richard Licon.

The fire was given the name “Madeira IC,” a moniker based on the street name near the blaze.

At 7:17 p.m., the battalion chief serving as incident commander called off one of the three helicopters water-bombing flames from the sky.

One minute later, forward progression had been stopped and the fire was mostly under control.

At 7:49 p.m., the fire had reached 100 percent containment, which means a line had been formed around the complete perimeter of the charred area.

Licon said the fire should serve as a reminder to residents who live near brush or wildland areas to practice the department’s “Ready, Set, Go!” plan for preparedness.

“With all the growth that came in due to the rain, it’s a perfect time to practice,” the spokesman said.

Hillsides green today may change in color to brown as drier weather and Santa Ana winds move into the area — conditions typical of late spring and summer.

As those areas dry out, the risk of wildfire increases.

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