Humorous CPA remembered fondly as giving father and friend

(Credit: Emily Giordano)

More than 150 people hit the green in Valencia to take a swing at remembering a friend Monday.

Lloyd Sreden lost his battle with pancreatic cancer in 2016.

One year later, his friends, family and colleagues broke a longstanding tradition and vied for a hole-in-one at the 55-year-old’s go-to golf course to raise funds for both a local foundation and a cancer treatment and research center.

“In the Jewish religion, they do an unveiling of a headstone on the one-year anniversary,” said wife Vicky Sreden.

“I choose not to do that because Lloyd was more about making people happy not sad,” she explained.

“It was the perfect positive way to honor him and even in his death he is still giving back.”

(Credit: Emily Giordano)

A piping hot afternoon of heartfelt tributes gave way to golfing and practical jokes as more than 150 golfers assembled at Tournaments Player Club Valencia for a tournament to remember the prominent accountant.

The tournament was organized by his wife of 33 years,Vicky Sreden, who felt that she wanted her husband to give back to the community one last time.

Fifty percent of the money raised at the tournament was donated to City of Hope where Lloyd Sreden was treated. The remaining funds were donated to the Newhall Rotary Foundation where the man was a member for over 30 years.

The memorial began with a special tribute by family members, each taking a swing for their fallen father, uncle and brother.

As each club made contact with a golf ball, an explosion occurred – one that was often par for Sreden’s course when he was an active member at TPC.

“If it wasn’t tax season that’s where would you find him,” his wife said.

Lloyd Sreden was a partner at Stern, Kory, Sreden & Morgan in Stevenson Ranch. The firm decided to be the memorial’s main sponsor.

Wife Vicky Sreden described the her late husband’s partners as being supportive over the last year.

Santa Clarita residents since 1984, the Sredens departed the San Fernando Valley and headed north of Los Angeles city limits to raise their three children Matt, Mandy and Travis.

Mandy is also an accountant and is closely following in her father’s footsteps and hopes to someday fill his shoes by becoming a partner at his firm.

Four months after Lloyd Sreden died, his family welcomed baby Cal who would have been his first grandchild.

“Sometimes when I look at Cal, like when he gets pissed off, he does this thing with his eyebrows and I’ll be like ‘woah you look just like your grandpa,’” she said.

(Credit: Emily Giordano)

Lloyd Sreden’s passions were spending time with his family, giving back to his community, and making people laugh.Vicky Sreden looked to honor this by playing practical jokes on the golfers throughout the tournament.

Her husband was known for shocking other golfers with his infamous zapping pens pranks.

Those half asleep when they arrived to the course Monday morning were jolted awake – Sreden’s zapping pens happened to be a shock to the golfers signing in.

The pranks didn’t end there – hundred dollars bills were found in the sand traps to fool the golfers.

Each one was fake of course, signed with the message “From above – Lloyd”.

Among the chachkies given was a safety pin. For some it was innocent, for others it roused a hearty laugh.

“Lloyd used to golf with his buddies and poke holes in their beer cans when they weren’t looking,” his wife said.

“They would walk around all day not realizing why they were dripping all over themselves.”

The Sreden family also made 25 specialized baskets of Lloyd’s favorite things that were raffled off later that night at a dinner, along with a silent auction.

“I wanted there to be a theme of each basket reflecting something Lloyd loved whether it was going on a family vacation, going to the beach, or going to Dodgers game,” she said.

She felt that it was important to step outside her comfort zone and bring the community together to give back in his memory.

“He was always so outgoing and I was more laid back.”

Holding back tears, Lloyd’s wife of 33 years continued on.

“Pancreatic cancer is such a silent disease and I don’t want there to be another family that has to say that final goodbye,”Vicky Sreden added.

“It was a great day and it made Tuesday morning which was the one year anniversary [of his death] easier.”

The high school sweethearts would have celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary this July.

“I felt like if I could put myself in his shoes instead of being so shy and try to be more like him I would have made him proud,” she said.

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