Sulphur Springs schools could see improvements over next 10 years


All nine of the Sulphur Springs Union School District’s schools may see some form of facility and classroom improvements during the next 10 years, according to a proposed plan from Caldwell Flores Winters, Inc. (CFW).

The proposed Facilities Assessment and Implementation Plan is expected to be presented to the Sulphur Springs Union School District Governing Board members during their regular meeting Wednesday.

As a “blueprint for future initiatives,” the plan lists four key recommendations that include: improving existing school sites, constructing new permanent classrooms to replace relocatables, leveraging state aid to minimize impact on taxpayers and creating 21st century learning environments to equalize school sites.

The plan, which took one year to complete, details how the district can prepare for future enrollment growth, maintain and improve existing school facilities, and finance the cost of improvements.

“The need to extend usage of additional school site capacity, combined with the need to replace aging facilities, presents an opportunity for the District to provide long-term permanent improvement to several of its campuses, concurrent with additional modernization to improve site functionality,” the plan read.

Following district objectives set in its Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP), the plan aims to create learning spaces that “promote collaboration, creativity, ability to easily communicate, engage in problem solving and develop creative solutions to complex problems.”

It also aims to create smaller school environments to increase school connectedness and increase student participation and success, with a focus on technology, the Next Generation Science Standards, coding instruction, robotics, art and music.


The budget for the updates to the district’s nine schools is projected to be $120 million, according to the Facilities Assessment and Implementation Plan.

This budget includes approximately $90 million in facility renovations, an estimated $20 million in escalation and approximately $10 million in district reserves.

Funding sources for the improvements include revenue from the district’s Mello-Roos Community Facilities District (CFD) in Fair Oaks and Vista Canyon, General Obligation (GO) Bond revenue from Measure CK, mitigation payments from developer fees and state aid with estimated modernization reimbursements.

According to the plan, the district may also pursue an additional $71.6 million GO bond during the 2018 election to fund the facility improvements.

The following updates are detailed in the 105-page Facilities Assessment and Implementation Plan and are tentative facility and classroom improvements based on the CFW’s and district staff’s projections.

21st Century Upgrades

All nine school sites are expected to have updates to move facilities and classrooms to a 21st century standard.

These improvements include installation of flooring that can be easily cleaned and repaired, energy-efficient multiple pane windows, full-height sliding markerboards to cover an entire wall of each classroom and mineral fibercore tackable panels on classroom walls.

Additional improvements include the replacement of damaged and stained ceiling tiles, the addition of refreshed furniture and equipment and improvements to electrical, plumbing, paint and other systems.

At Golden Oak Community School and Mint Canyon Community School, the 21st century upgrades are the only improvements expected to be made at the school sites during the next 10 years.

Canyon Springs Community School

Canyon Springs could see the construction of 12 new permanent classrooms on its campus through a one or two story building in a central, “underutilized open space.”

Transitional Kindergarten (TK) and Kindergarten classrooms will also be repurposed to meet program requirements.

The site will also see improvements in site work and mechanical systems with approximately 96,000 square feet of demolition of deteriorating asphalt and replacement with approximately 73,000 square feet of new hard court play area, 32,000 square feet of parking lot, and 18,000 square feet of fire access driveway.

Additional improvements include several thousand square feet of sidewalks, an ADA access ramp on the west side of campus, a water pump to supplement irrigation pressure, 18,000 square feet of natural turf on grass playfields, additional turf surfaces under playground equipment and the replacement of roofing and the HVAC system.

Fair Oaks Ranch Community School

At Fair Oaks Ranch, improvements include the removal and replacement of approximately 8,000 square feet of concrete panels throughout the campus and the removal and replacement of stucco around the MPR to install new flashing.

The site will also have approximately 32,000 square feet of new roofing and will replace its HVAC systems.

Leona Cox Community School

Leona Cox is expected to need eight new classrooms to replace aging relocatables at its school site.

The classrooms could be placed in new classroom wings along the western portion of the campus, in two four classroom wings or in a single building.

Site improvements to Leona Cox include the removal of approximately 46,000 square feet of damaged play courts and paving, the placement of 90,000 square feet of slurry seal, the addition of a play area of approximately 38,000 square feet and the replacement of approximately 9,000 square feet of grass playfields and installation of synthetic turf at play areas.

Additional improvements include a new fire access road, reroofing of approximately 32,000 square feet of five existing structures and the replacement of HVAC systems.

Mitchell Community School

A 10-classroom building is expected to be constructed at Mitchell Community School to increase the school’s permanent capacity and replace aging relocatables.

The one or two-story classroom building is expected to be located at the north end of the school campus.

Improvements to sitework and mechanical systems at the school include the installation of approximately 185 square feet of concrete steps at the front of the outdoor stage, the installation of approximately 969 square feet of synthetic turf in existing play areas and the installation of approximately 53,000 square feet of new hard court play area.

Future improvements include the replacement of roofing and HVAC systems.

Pinetree Community School

Pinetree Community School is expected to see the most campus improvements with updates projected to begin in the upcoming school year.

The district is expected to construct a new administration building, restore the library and upgrade the ADA and fire safety regulations on the school’s campus.

Modernizations to the school library include the removal of non-load bearing walls, the replacement of carpet and the creation of unique learning spaces with furniture and technology.  The library will also include a Makerspace lab to accommodate STEAM and robotics lessons.

Pinetree is also expected to add a 12-classroom building to its site along with two additional kindergarten classrooms.

The district is “pursuing various options” to the configuration of the classrooms.  The construction of the classrooms is expected to begin after the completion of the new administration building and demolition of the existing facility.

Improvements to school’s sitework and mechanical systems include approximately 114,000 square feet of demolition of deteriorating asphalt and replacement with approximately 34,000 square feet of hard court, 53,000 square feet of parking lot and 27,000 square feet of fire access driveway.

Additional improvements include approximately 3,500 square feet of synthetic turf to replace existing play area, modifications of restrooms for ADA compliance, restoration of ceramic tile on “mudset” walls and floors and replacement of the roofing and HVAC systems.

Sulphur Springs Community School

In the future, Sulphur Springs could see the addition of a one story or two story, 10-classroom building located at the northeast of the campus.

This addition would require the district to reconfigure the school’s parking lot and remove two permanent classrooms.

Improvements to school’s sitework and mechanical systems include approximately 13,000 square feet of slurry seal and restriping of the existing hard courts, 380 square feet of fascia replacement across the campus and replacement of the roofing and HVAC systems.

Valley View Community School

Valley View Community School recently completed a 21-classroom building at its school site so its improvements are mainly sitework based.

These improvements include the regrading and replacement of concrete and flatwork to address ADA compliance around the perimeter of the main classroom building and adjacent to the multipurpose building.

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