Supervisors to approve new traffic regulations on Valencia Boulevard

Traffic proceeding down Valencia Boulevard as viewed from pedestrian bridge near City Hall looking west. (Dan Watson / Signal file art)

Four areas of the Santa Clarita Valley on Valencia Boulevard will have increased traffic flow and traffic safety after the Board of Supervisor’s meeting on Tuesday.

All located in the Stevenson Ranch part of Valencia Boulevard, added precautions will be approved in several parts of the Los Angeles County-operated street.

After the supervisors’ approval, no stopping will be permitted at any time on Valencia Boulevard in front of Rancho Pico Junior High School by the west entrance.

Also at Rancho Pico, supervisors will establish a passenger loading and unloading zone on the south side of Valencia Boulevard. The zone will be located between 30 feet east of the west entrance and 20 feet west of the east entrance.

West Ranch High School will also implement a no stopping zone near campus in between Valencia Boulevard and The Old Road.

Will approval, no stopping will be allowed on the south side of Valencia Boulevard between Valley Oak Lane and The Old Road.

Requests for the traffic regulations came from residents or community groups, according to the board agenda.

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