Acosta discusses local issues at community chats

Assemblyman Dante Acosta held a "Community Chat" at It's A Grind coffee shop in Castaic on Saturday, August 5, 2017 Christian Monterrosa/ The Signal

Assemblyman Dante Acosta hosted two “Community Chats” on Saturday in Castaic and Agua Dulce.

Acosta, who is up for reelection in 2018, tackled issues across the entire political spectrum. Topics discussed included climate change, becoming a sanctuary state, and local issues such as property taxes, the controversial SB 634 water bill, and gun control.

The Assemblyman of the 38th District answered questions from concerned and politically involved Santa Clarita residents for over two hours in each location.

“This has been a  way for us to be able to engage with folks and hear, you know, what they have to say and hear what their concerns are,” Acosta told the Signal briefly after the event.

“There is a little bit of angst out there with some of the things that the state has done more recently particularly with SB 1, the gas tax, and of course the cap and trade legislation that recently passed.” said Acosta.

Outside of the It’s A Grind coffee shop in Castaic, protester Lynne Plambeck held signs that read “Save Our Water!” and “No! Water Monopoly” in protest of Acosta’s support for the SB 634 bill. She handed out flyers urging residents to oppose the bill. “We know that there’s a hustle going on,” said Plambeck.

“All the committees and all the hearings have already happened and now it’s coming to the floor for a vote. I’m a yes vote on this particular bill,” said Acosta when asked about the recent sprinkles of opposition.

“I do take a bit of an issue with some of the notion that it’s going to help one particular developer or that it’s going to be a detriment to the city,” he said.

Acosta then drove across town to Big Mouth Pizza in Agua Dulce to hold a final “Community Chat.”

Going forward, Assemblyman Acosta will be hosting a variety of workshops and seminars to address issues in the community leading into the 2018 election.

“I’m not voting right, I’m not voting left, I’m not voting center. I’m voting issues based on what I hear back from constituents.” said Acosta.


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