City furthers plans and process for Canyon Country Community Center

The Canyon Country Community Center is expected to be open by 2020. Courtesy of the city of Santa Clarita.

As the city of Santa Clarita finalizes their plans for the new Canyon Country Community Center set to open by 2020, the local businesses currently in that location will have to relocate to accommodate.

The northeast corner of Sierra Highway and Soledad Canyon Road will be home to the new community center, replacing the one on Flying Tiger Drive. As a result, businesses will move elsewhere, but the city has provided them resources to do so.

“The city has been engaged in ongoing discussions with property owners and tenants whose businesses will be impacted by the future Canyon Country Community Center,” city Communications Manager Carrie Lujan said. “We have hired a relocation consultant to assist the businesses with their relocation needs.”

Among the businesses that received letters from the city, Joe’s Shoe Repair will have to find another place to go. Amy Chavez, employee and daughter of Joe, said she wishes the city would reconsider putting the center there.

“We’re looking for a place but we’re still not there yet,” Chavez said. “Everything else is so expensive. We’re just going to wait and see what happens.”

The city’s relocation consultant has been “somewhat helpful,” she said, but has encouraged her and her father to choose a pricier location than the one they are in now. When Joe’s Shoe Repair moves, Chavez said they hope to stay nearby.

Hair Wave salon on the same block will also have to move when it is time for construction to start on the community center. Owner Kim Tran said she insists on staying put until her lease is up.

“We have five more years on the lease,” Tran said. “We will go until there is no more lease.”

Osteria Caruso Restaurant and Doggie Den pet grooming are also located in the Sierra Highway building.

City staff plans to acquire the property, complete architectural and landscape construction documents and finish the environmental review process in the 2017-18 fiscal year.

Construction for the center is predicted to begin in mid to late 2018 and the center will be ready to open its doors by 2020.

The conceptual master plan for the center was approved by the city council in 2016 and establishes what the center will look like, according to Lujan.

“The city worked closely with the community to assess their needs for the new facility,” Lujan said.

This new center will expand upon what the current center already offers for people of all ages, according to Lujan. The LEAP afterschool program, toddler and youth classes, the iTeens program, birthday parties and Family Fun Nights will all still be intact at the Sierra Highway location.

Recreational activities for adults of all ages, including senior programs, activities and services, will transfer over to the new center.

Also, the new space will be adaptable to different activities, such as sports, fitness, classes, camps and workshops, Lujan said. The building will also have a kitchen to be used for community events and cooking classes, as well as an outdoor area to host large events like the Canyon Country Summer Bash.

Lujan said the new center is centrally located and is within easy walking distance for community members.

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