Newhall Board considering CSBA resolution calling for fair funding of public schools

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Following the direction of the California School Boards Association (CSBA), the Newhall School District Governing is expected to adopt a resolution Tuesday asking for the full and fair funding of California’s public schools.

“It’s something that the CSBA has recommended,” Governing Board President Philip Ellis said.  “We support the CSBA on a lot of things so we want to look at that as the board and see if it’s something we want to support.”

The resolution asks the California legislature to raise school funding to the national average by 2020 and to the average of the top 10 states by 2025.

In 2016, CSBA updated its 2007 report titled “Getting Down to Facts” and found that California’s public schools require an additional $22 billion to $40 billion annually, adjusted for inflation, to provide all public school students with access to a high-quality education.

It also found that California funds all schools at roughly $1,961 per student less than the national average and trails the average of the top 10 states by almost $7,000 in per-pupil funding.

With an average daily attendance of 6,485 in 2015-16, the Newhall School District received $9,855 in per-pupil funding from local, state and federal resources.  During the same school year, the national average for per-pupil funding was $12,252.

The resolution states that California falls in the bottom on nearly every measure of public K-12 school funding, with school staffing ranking in 45th in the percentage of taxable income spent on education, 41st in per-pupil funding, 45th in pupil-teacher ratios and 48th in pupil-staff ratios.

“It’s time we reverse the trend of shortchanging public schools and provide fair funding for all students, so they have the resources needed for success in college, career and civic life,” CSBA President Mike Walsh said in a statement.

By providing California’s public schools with additional funding, the resolution asserts that the state would close opportunity and achievement gaps, meet the demands of a 21st century education, prepare students for participation in a democratic society and increase overall student success.

Five-Year Developer Fees

The Governing Board is also expected to have a public hearing to approve the district’s five-year reportable developer fees report for the 2016-17 fiscal year.

The report details how the district spent developer fees for the construction and modernization of district facilities.  These funds are used to fund various projects and perform studies and facilities needs analysis.

During the fiscal year, the Newhall School District spent a little more than $1 million on projects and studies throughout the district, the biggest being $1 million to support the remodeling of the Newhall Family Theatre for the Performing Arts.

The district also used developer fees to support $29,927 in classroom technology improvements, $4,336 in school site improvements and support a fee impact study and administrative fees.

Additional Agenda Items

  • Hear an update on the district’s promotional efforts from Mellady Direct Marketing
  • Hear information about the Governor’s Proposed 2018-2019 State Budget
  • Have a discussion about new audio/visual equipment in the district’s Governing Board room
  • Reschedule the April 24 Board meeting due to a conflict with the 2018 Teacher Tribute event
  • Conduct a second reading of revised board policies and regulations: Students Expelled from Other Districts; Parents Rights and Responsibilities; Grades/Evaluation of Student Achievement; and Absences and Excuses
  • Approve of contract with EdLogical Group Corp. for district Speech and Language Pathology Services to assist with the caseloads of the district’s Speech and Language Pathologists (SLPs)
  • Approve contract with Inclusive Education and Community Partnership for student behavioral intervention services at Meadows Elementary School
  • Approve of school-based counseling and mental health services contract between Peachland Elementary School and The Child and Family Center

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