Coffee, tea, beer, wine and gas all planned for vacated Marie Callender’s site

Construction is under way on the corner of Magic Mountain Parkway and The Old Road in Valencia on Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2018. Nikolas Samuels/The Signal
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The site vacated by Marie Callender’s restaurant at the west end of Magic Mountain Parkway will soon be home to a gas station, convenience store, fast food restaurant and coffee shop.

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning approved the latest request submitted to them by the site’s developer seeking permission to sell beer and wine at a gas station convenience store on The Old Road by Magic Mountain Parkway.

Bill Gilmore, broker for the project, told The Signal on Wednesday that the site will feature a Shell gas station/convenience store, a McDonald’s restaurant and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf outlet.

When asked when the entire development is expected to be completed, Gilmore told The Signal: “Hopefully, this year.”

The Shell gas station, and a convenience store, are expected to take up 3,000 square feet on a 1.59 acre parcel of land, on the eastern side of the project, with gas pumps located in the center.

The site plan also calls for a 4,632-square foot fast food restaurant on the southern part of the project site, which Gilmore said would be occupied by McDonald’s.

As well, a combined 3,520-square foot area for the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf outlet would take up the northern end of the site.

A total of 127 parking spaces are expected to be provided on-site, along with 16 long-term and short-term bicycle parking spaces.

Access to the site is provided by an access drive from the northwest corner of the site from The Old Road.

The proposed shelf plan shows that alcoholic beverages occupy 11 percent of the store’s total shelf space and fresh fruit/vegetables and whole grain foods occupy 8 percent.

Before approving the sale of beer and wine at the location Tuesday, Supervising Regional Planner Gina Natoli had a couple of questions for planning department staffers.

What she wanted to know was: “Is there an evaluation of whether the project site is in a high crime reporting district?”

Planning department staffers gave Natoli her answer Tuesday. Yes.

“The project site is located within a high crime reporting district and is discussed in the staff report,” Regional Planner Thuy Hua told her.

A check with the State’s Department of Alcohol Beverage Control which assesses “high crime reporting districts” across the state, revealed the project site sits inside District #664 which takes in all of Van Nuys.

Natoli also wanted to know what types of retail establishments have the seven existing off-site sale licenses in the project site census tract?

Staffers told her there were two major grocery store outlets, two alcohol retail stores, two gas station convenience stores and one RV park.

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