Deputies investigate theft at Valencia mall

Fast Fix Jewelry and Watch Repair in the Westfield Valencia Town Center Mall. Sklylar Barti/The Signal

Detectives are searching for jewelry thieves Monday after they smashed the display glass of a jewelry store at the mall, knocking a store staffer to the ground in their escape.

Shortly after 5:10 p.m. Sunday, two men entered the Fast Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs store in the Westfield Valencia Town Center mall, according to Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station public information officer Shirley Miller.

“They entered the store and allegedly used a hammer to break the glass and stole some expensive pieces of jewelry,” she said. “A store clerk confronted them and, either she was knocked over, or she fell.”

The female clerk apparently threw a chair at the suspects before she ended up on the ground.

Store owners posted an account of the jewelry heist on social media, reporting: “Today two African American young men entered our store wearing hooded sweat shirts at approximately 5:15pm with a large hammer and smashed our Rolex show case stealing thousand of dollars worth of Pre-Owned Rolex Watches.

“In the process the thieves assaulted one of our associates resulting in her being pushed down to the ground.

“We are so relieved she, and none of our other staff members were seriously injured in the process. Security concerns have been brought to Westfield and their security teams attention in the past, with no avail.”

A store staffer, reached at the store Monday morning, said the woman who confronted the suspects is expected at the store later today.

When asked if the store was open for business today, the staffer said: “Yes, thank God.”

Deputies responded to reports of the theft.

The suspects “used a hammer to smash the case, fought with the store clerk and got out,” according to Lt. Chuck Becerra of the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station.

As of 11 a.m. Monday, the two suspects were still at large, Miller said. The men, described as African American, were allegedly seen leaving the mall in a black Dodge Charger.

The incident left store owners questioning crime in the Santa Clarita Valley, according to their post on social media.

“These events have proven that the Santa Clarita Valley is no longer the quiet community it once was.

“The crime that is so deep rooted in Los Angeles has made its way to our quiet suburbs. We would like to thank the Santa Clarita 911 dispatch team for their quick response and emotional support, as well as the Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Department, and the California Highway Patrol.

“We urge all fellow community members to ban together in contacting the Santa Clarita City Council, and Westfield Valencia Town Centers management to push full force that stronger security measures be taken to ensure the safety of all of the families, patrons and employees of our local shopping centers and malls.

“Together as a community we can bring forward the change that will ensure that our city remains safe, and family oriented. These crimes and those who commit them must stop. Together as a community we must demand that those elected, fulfill their duties. These crimes need to end now.”

Signal Staff Writer Georgia Rios contributed to this report.

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