Air time at Santa Clarita Skate Park

Mike Riederer, bottom, is about to go airborne alongside Zack Tripp at Santa Clarita Skate Park.

Mike Riederer, also known as “Hydro Mike” in the SCV skate community, knows the curves and ramps of Santa Clarita Skate Park about as well as anyone, having been a member of the group of residents who gave input on the park’s design.

He gives lessons to those interested, but it’s more about finding relaxation going up a ramp or skating in a half-pipe, as much as he likes to mentor the younger skaters when he can.

He’s still a frequent visitor, nearly 20 years later, who enjoys a sense of community among those on bikes, skates and scooters. Some of the riders he’s known since they were small children, and some of them now have small children of their own.

On Tuesday, he was showing 4-year-old Sebastian Wright the ropes, and Zack Tripp, 26, who now skates competitively, was also there to practice.

Tripp is a former student of Riederer’s who was also grateful Tuesday that Santa Clarita had a quality skate park, which kept more than a dozen or so teens and young children occupied Tuesday, competing and showing off with each other for who could pull off the most impressive tricks.




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