Bear Grylls brings survival challenge to SCV

Still Courtesy of Bear Grylls' survival challenge.


Bear Grylls is hosting an inaugural survival challenge at the Blue Cloud Movie Ranch in late April.

The challenge will take participants on a 4-mile off road course through 18 different survival challenge and five distinct environments; apocalyptic highway, cave complex, deserted village, mountain ascent/descent and an infested swamp, according to a press release from the event.

Each participant will be given an RFID chip that will measure their skills in the challenge, based on survival skills and speed. Survival skills consist of strength, endurance, dexterity and decision making, according to the challenge’s informational video.

“The Bear Grylls Survival Score will give participants a way to measure themselves against fellow survival competitors and deliver personal benchmarks,” said Grylls. “This first-of-its-kind challenge will incorporate technology to measure elements like never before. It’s about improving, digging deep and showing yourself you have what it takes to survive.”

Participants will be giving an Echo-Sigma survival pack that contains a bandana, plastic bag, condom and other survival tools. Using the survival pack effectively can increase the survival score for those who use them.

The challenge takes place Apr 28 and 29 at the Blue Cloud Movie Ranch off Bouquet Canyon. Tickets for the challenge start at $94 for individuals and $378 for a five member team. For more information or to register visit

The above information was obtained by The Signal via a news release provided by the Bear Grylls survival challenge.

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