Heavy rain brings flooding, slick roads, water rescue, overturned cars and spin outs

Fast-moving water overturned a Toyota RAV4 and carried it down stream after a driver tried to cross Road Runner Road in Canyon Country. Austin Dave/The Signal
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The water rescue of a man “trapped” on a small island created by flooding rains in the Santa Clara River wash ended safely Thursday morning, after the man waded through rushing rain water to rescuers.

Paramedics with the Los Angeles County Fire Department treated the man near the intersection of Langside Avenue and Soledad Canyon Road, a Fire Department spokesman told The Signal.

“We have one male patient,” the Fire Department spokesman said. “He is in no distress.”

Shortly before 10:10 a.m. Thursday, rescue units responded to the intersection for a water rescue after receiving reports of man left trapped on an island created by rushing rain water.

At least two rescue helicopters were called to the same rescue but called off a short time later when the man found his way to rescuers, the Fire Department spokesman said.

“It was self-extricating thing and we cancelled the air squad,” he said.

The rushing water was one of several areas reported as flooded.

Heavy rains ushered in the three-day storm system became a factor in several spin outs and other traffic collisions in and around the Santa Clarita Valley.


A motorist became trapped inside a green Saturn when it left the northbound lanes of Highway 14 near Sand Canyon Road, flipped over and plunged 20 feet down an embankment.

Motorists reporting the incident to the California Highway Patrol noted seeing the motorist speeding before the crash.

A good Samaritan ran to check on the driver trapped inside the overturned car.

“Dispatch did hear someone ask if he (driver) was OK,” CHP Officer Josh Greengard said.

“We’ve had a few crashes this morning,” he said, noting a lot of drivers were driving at an unsafe speed for road conditions.

“If there’s more puddling of water — and there was a lot of water this morning — you’ve got to drive slower,” Greengard said.

When the crash happened, another car spun out in the southbound lanes of Interstate 5 hitting a fence near the Whitaker Brake Check area.

First responders found the Toyota Prius facing the wrong way in mud.

Motorists encountered flooding at the I-5 connector lanes to Highway 14.

A multivehicle crash in the southbound lanes of Highway 14 ended with one car overturned near Escondido Canyon Road shortly after 8:35 a.m.

A silver-colored sedan plunged down an embankment on Bouquet Canyon Road shortly before 7:40 a.m., as well.

“When there’s this much rain, slow down.  If you’re late for work chances are your boss also showed up late,” Greengard said.

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