Saugus Board to review district’s budget, LCAP

Saugus Union School District office. Dan Watson/The Signal

Interim changes to the Saugus Union School District’s budget, including a small increase to enrollment and to state funding, are expected to be reviewed by the district’s Governing Board Tuesday.

The second interim financial report for 2017-18 reflects a slight increase in revenue due to an increased enrollment and average daily attendance (ADA) from the district’s projections earlier in the year. During this time, ADA for the district increased by 81.50 to 9,665.72 ADA.

However, this slight increases was not enough to have any major impact on the Saugus district’s overall budget.

“The increase in ADA, although welcome, is too small to have any significant impact on the budget,” Governing Board President Chris Trunkey said.

In the future, the Saugus district is anticipating that ADA will decline in the upcoming two years before growing in the 2020-21 fiscal year, according to the report.

The second interim budget also includes an increase in Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) funding during the 2018-19 and 2019-20 fiscal years because of Gov. Jerry Brown’s January Budget Proposal that fully implements the state’s new funding formula ahead of schedule.

“The second interim report includes a projection for 2018-2019 assuming full LCFF funding,” Trunkey said. “Even with full LCFF funding, SUSD has an operating deficit and continues to encourage our legislators to enact an increase to the LCFF base grant.”

The largest expenses to the district’s budget include employee salaries and benefits, which make up 83.17 percent of the district’s total expenses.

Overall, the district’s total combined revenue is expected to be about $97.2 million and its total combined expenditures are expected to be about $100.9 million.

The Saugus district is expected to have an ending fund balance of about $10.6 million and maintain 12.4 percent in reserves for economic uncertainties, according to the report.

LCAP Update

The Governing Board is also expected to hear an update about the district’s progress toward completing goals it set forth in its Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP).

The Saugus district’s LCAP includes eight state priority areas as well as three district goals.  It also includes information about how the district’s budget will help achieve these goals and ways to assess the plan’s outcomes each year.

For its own goals, the Saugus district hopes to increase student achievement, increase meaningful and purposeful student and parent engagement, and provide an appropriate basic condition of learning.

To increase student achievement, the district focused on achievement in language arts and math, the number of reclassified English Language students, understanding of science, physical fitness performance, experience of the visual and performing arts and integration of technology in learning and assessments, among others.

To increase student and parent engagement, the district focused on decreasing truancy, chronic absenteeism, suspensions and expulsions, meeting the needs of foster, ELL, economically disadvantaged and homeless students, and increasing students’ and teachers’ sense of safety.

The district also focused on ensuring that students have access to state-approved standards-based materials, teachers are appropriately credentialed and facilities are maintained.

Additional Agenda Items:

  • Conduct second readings and adopt board policies and administrative regulations: Community Relations – Advertising and Promotion; Community Relations – Access to District Records; Complaints; and Professional Standards
  • Conduct a second reading of board policies and administrative regulations: Community Relations – Access to District Records; Community Relations – Waivers; and Parent Involvement
  • Conduct a first reading of administrative regulation: Parent Involvement
  • Adopt a resolution to determine whether public projects are complex for purposes of retention requirements
  • Approve of the 2018-19 holiday schedule submitted by the California School Employees Association (CSEA)
  • Approve a four-day rate of $152 for the Summer Fun Child Development Program beginning in summer 2018
  • Approve contract with Erika Flores of ChildrenFlow to provide training to staff and teachers about language modeling strategies to support Dual/English Language Learners in preschool classrooms
  • Approve contract with Full Circle Consulting Systems, Inc. to provide an ECERS-R workshop for site supervisors from Cedarcreek, Emblem, Highlands, Rio Vista, and Santa Clarita

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