Two men travel the globe to marry on Twisted Colossus (VIDEO)


Two Australian men made the journey to Santa Clarita to take their wedding vows at the top of Magic Mountain’s Twisted Colossus.

John Woods and Logan Stojcevski, brought two of their closest friends and an official to the top of the ride where they would be pronounced a wedded couple, right before dropping down the first drop of the hybrid coaster.

“We wanted to do something different when we got married,” Woods explained. “So the best way to start married life is on a roller coaster.”

The couple traveled 7,500 miles from their home in Wollongong, New South Wales just to tie the knot on Twisted Colossus last month.

“I’ve been a massive coaster fan all my life. Six Flags Magic Mountain is my favorite place in the world, so what a better place to get married, and on our favorite ride, Twisted Colossus,” Stojcevski said.

In December, the Australian Parliament voted to legalize same-sex marriage in the country, which allowed Woods and Stojcevski to plan for their high-flying wedding.

“Gay marriage became legal in Australia in December, so we had started to think about what we’re going to do now that it’s finally legal,” Stojcevski told The Signal in an online interview. “Sitting on the couch one night around christmas time and I go to Jon, ‘Hey how cool would it be if we did this?’”

It took the couple almost two months of planning after contacting the park just after New Year’s eve.

Now that a week has past, Stojcevski said it all feels like a big blur, with how quick it happened. But considering his nuptials were live broadcast on KTLA, there’s no danger he’ll forget their special day any time soon.

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