CHP cracks down on speeding and unsafe passing

Photo: CHP Newhall

The Newhall office of the California Highway Patrol cracked down on speeding Friday morning with a stronger presence on Sierra Highway.

In a Facebook post, CHP Newhall explained that officers brought in additional units to focus on speed and unsafe passing. The entire operation issued 34 citations, with one violator speeding in excess of 96 mph.

“If you are exceeding the posted speed limit, then you are in violation. There is no such thing as a legal ‘safe and reasonable’ speed over the posted limit.” CHP explained to one commenter who asked if CHP was using a zero tolerance policy with their speed enforcement or if there was a margin for “safe and reasonable” speeds.

With the summer months approaching, CHP’s Office of Traffic Safety reminds drivers to be aware of some on the hazards they may find while driving in the warmer months.

Some of these hazards includes;

  • More new drivers, generally young and inexperienced, will be on the road when school is not in session.
  • Visitors not only generate more traffic on the roadways, but those who are unfamiliar with an area may be distracted looking for landmarks and exits.
  • High temperatures may create problems for tires and engines. Hot weather can lead to blowouts in tires that have not been well maintained.
  • More bicycles, motorcycles and pedestrians are on the roads. Pedestrians can be unpredictable and hard to see, especially in bad weather or after dark.
  • Forest and grass fires generate smoke, reducing visibility and sometimes causing road closures. More emergency vehicles may be on the road in a fire area. Check for road reports before you leave home.

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