Four Questions: Dr. Shervin Sadrpour



Medical Director of Electrophysiology Services, Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital

A newcomer to the Santa Clarita Valley medical community, Dr. Shervin Sadrpour is a renowned specialist in the cutting-edge science of diagnosing and treating the electrical activities of the heart.

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It would be impossible to carry on this conversation without first addressing the big question: What is cardiac electrophysiology?

Cardiac electrophysiology is a specialty of cardiovascular medicine that studies the electrical system of the heart and disease states related to its malfunction. Electrical system of the heart controls the mechanical function of the heart. It acts like the brain of the heart, regulates the heart and sets its rhythm.

Your recent arrival in the Santa Clarita Valley has enabled Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital to become one of the region’s few providers of this subdiscipline of cardiology. We’re grateful you’re here. How did you find us, and what were your motivating factors in deciding to join our community?

We wanted to move to Southern California to be closer to family and when I was introduced to the opportunity at Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital and Cardiovascular Consultant Medical Group, it was hard to pass. This is a populous area where cardiac rhythm management needs have been underserved for a long time and for various reasons. … I welcome the challenge of developing the new program and find the opportunity to have an impact on the community rewarding.

How complex are the heart’s electrical activities, and how can cardiac electrophysiology be used to help improve a patient’s life?

While some of the principles of cardiac electrophysiology are simple, the anatomy and function of electrical system of the heart is extremely intricate. … Heart rhythm abnormalities can cause a wide range of signs and symptoms and may result in palpitation, dizziness, fatigue, shortness of breath, stroke, syncope or even sudden death. We improve the electrical activity of the heart by implanting devices in the body that help regulate the heart or by eliminating faulty tissues that cause the abnormalities. Commonly, the source of abnormal function is located very close to vitally important normal structures, making the procedures challenging. We use different techniques and advanced technologies to navigate our way through the heart structure and achieve accurate targeting with safety and efficacy.

In looking to the future, what’s your vision for cardiac electrophysiology treatment at Henry Mayo and how can this level of service help the hospital grow in its mission to best serve the SCV?

Heart rhythm abnormalities are very common and can be debilitating or life threatening. We hope to help people who suffer from rhythm abnormalities to live better and longer. We are on our way to building a great program. Clinical and administrative staff in hospital, physicians, and myself aspire to provide world-class care to the people of Santa Clarita Valley. We feel honored and blessed to have the opportunity to do so. We hope that patients who live in this area come to us for their heart rhythm problems because of the quality of care that we provide and not just for the convenience.

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