SCV man returns to court accused of human trafficking


A Santa Clarita man accused of human trafficking appeared in court Thursday, but is scheduled to return Friday, officials said.

Michael Shaw, 37, of Santa Clarita, appeared in San Fernando Superior Court this week for a pre-trial conference.

Shaw was one of three people, including two men and one woman – arrested on suspicion of human trafficking on May 5, 2016.

Just under a year ago, a judge dismissed the criminal case against the woman following a preliminary hearing, leaving the two men to face the charges filed against them.

Eric Hamwey, 31, of Encino, is the other man charged with human trafficking in the same case.

Shaw was arrested after deputies responding to a call after they determined he was trafficking an adult victim for sex and had violently assaulted her, according to a news release issued by sheriff’s Deputy Lisa Jansen in May 2016.

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