Hill addresses missing disclosure form as primary vote draws near


The candidate leading the fundraising race for the 25th Congressional District addressed a concern raised over a disclosure form Monday.

Katie Hill, who had $1,403,601 in the war chest for what’s been a contentious and competitive primary campaign, edged ahead of the incumbent, Congressman Steve Knight, who had $1,384,644 collected thus far.

However, Hill also was called out recently for missing a May 15 filing deadline to the House Ethics Committee regarding her fundraising efforts.

The form in questions is known as the Ethics in Government Act Financial Disclosure Statement Form B, which asks a candidate to disclose any potential conflicts of interest that might arise from an outstanding loan or significant financial interests.

A campaign spokesman for Hill cited a 29-day grace period and said the campaign takes the disclosures seriously.

“Katie takes these filings very seriously, she wants to make sure that everything’s filled out thoroughly and correctly,” said Zack Czajkowski, campaign manager for Hill for Congress. “Katie will absolutely be filing before the 29-day grace period is up and we look forward to handing that in.”

As the days wind down toward the June 5 primary, Bryan Caforio, Knight’s 2016 opponent in the November election, came in third in the fundraising race, according to numbers available online from the Federal Election Commission, as of May 16. The Caforio campaign had $1,126,794 in the bank, with $1,030,751 of that coming from contributions.

Jess Phoenix, the third-leading fundraiser of the three leading Democratic Party candidates, has raised $456,133 in total, with $453,520 of that coming from contributions.

While mail-in ballots have already been sent out, voters are expected to weigh in at the polls Tuesday, June 5, on their top-two candidates.

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