Farmer’s Market at COC celebrates 25 years

Santa Clarita Farmers' Market celebrates 25 years at College of the Canyons/ Skylar Barti The Signal

The Santa Clarita Farmers’ Market at College of the Canyons has been connecting residents to local farmers and fresh food, and the market celebrated their 25th anniversary on Sunday.

Starting from just a few options of produce like strawberries and lettuce, the market has now expanded to a couple dozen stalls selling a variety of produce, according to Karen Schott, operations manager for the Santa Clarita Farmers’ Market.

“I was here (the) first day, and I’m still here. It’s really huge,” said Schott. “When we started in Santa Clarita back in the 90’s farmers markets were new. They weren’t sure what it was. Now 25 years later they love all the things we have they come here and are asking for product that we haven’t even heard of yet.”

Food stalls lined COC’s Parking Lot Five during a packed event weekend at the college, still selling fresh produce from local farms as well as hot food prepared on the spot.

As long as the farming stays in California, Schott said she hopes the Market will continue for another 25 years.

“It’s really challenging, you know. The draughts, the building, regulations, all of it,” Schott explained. “The farmers really value their face to face contact with their consumers.”

The Market continues every Sunday from 8 a.m to noon and has no plans on slowing down, Schott said.

“You really should come and try shopping here. Having fresh produce just makes all the difference,” Schott said. “Things like eggs and fruit, there’s just no comparison to something that has been shipped or hasn’t been vine ripened.”

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