Goat yoga to fight children’s cancer

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In an effort to support the fight against children’s cancer, a Sand Canyon home is hosting “Goat Yoga” in Santa Clarita.

Organizer Nick Ventura, who’s putting the fundraiser in support of the Michael Hoefflin Foundation, which fights children’s cancer, said the activity popped up on his Facebook feed and became intrigued.

“I came across Goat Yoga just like everyone else,” Ventura said Wednesday. “I was sitting in a Marketing meeting, glanced at (Facebook) and saw a viral news report on ‘Goat Yoga.’ There was a click in my brain and I knew I had to figure out how to do this as my fundraising for Dancing with our Stars benefiting Michael Hoefflin Foundation.”

For the uninitiated, goat yoga involves basically what you might assume. Yoga participants going through their progression “led by certified instructors while Nigerian dwarf goats roam the class,” according to the website for Hello Critter, which leads goat yoga classes throughout Southern California.  

“Participants inadvertently create playgrounds for these little goats to jump on, rebound off, trot under and crawl through various yoga postures held by class attendees,” the website notes. “The playful antics and gentle manner of these adorable critters, open hearts, widen smiles and deepen stretches throughout each practice.”

Michael Hoefflin Foundation officials encouraged residents to support the fight against children’s cancer and thanks Ventura for dancing for the organization, as well as his longtime support.

“Nick Ventura has been an incredible volunteer for us over the last eight or nine years, he seems to come out the woodwork here and there, he helps in any way that he can.”

Ticket sales for the goat yoga event end today, May 31, and the event is nearly sold out.

For more information about the event, click here.

Tickets are  $40, and all of the proceeds from the event will go to help the Michael Hoefflin Foundation.

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