Metrolink helps Golden Valley, high schools celebrate prom season

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Last week, more than 500 students and chaperones from Golden Valley High School boarded a Metrolink train from the Santa Clarita Station to Los Angeles Union Station to celebrate their high school prom.

The special prom train service has been offered since 1995, and continued this year when students and chaperones took a trip via the Metro Red Line to an entertainment complex near Hollywood, where their prom was held.

“For twenty-two years, Metrolink has been providing safe, affordable transportation to proms,” said Metrolink CEO Art Leahy. “It is our privilege and honor for parents and schools to trust us with transporting their students on this important night.”

The prom train service provides a safe, reliable and more cost-efficient alternative to typical modes of transportation for prom, like renting a limo or charter bus, Metrolink officials said. The service also offers students a chance to de-stress on an otherwise stressful day.

“Our community has been receptive to using this method of transportation,” said Golden Valley High School Principal Sal Frias. “It’s very reliable and more fiscally responsible, as well as less stressful than using bus service. Our school, students and parents are excited to make the train a part of our prom experience.”

This is the third year that Golden Valley High School used Metrolink’s prom train service. To date, Metrolink has provided prom trains to thousands of high school students across the region.

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