Valencia performing arts studio to host annual recital June 8-9

Performers from L'amore Dance and Performing Arts Studio have done recitals for 5 years. Photo courtesy of Madeline Neumann.

A performing arts studio in Valencia, run by a nationally acclaimed singer, plans to host a recital June 8.

Santa Clarita residents Madeline Neumann and her daughter Gina have been teaching voice and dance for five years in the Santa Clarita Valley at L’amoré (pronounced La- more-ā”) Dance and Performing Arts Studio.

The students of L’amoré Dance and Performing Arts Studio will put on a performance at West Ranch High School Theater on June 8 and 9 at 7 p.m. The performance will revolve around the story of the movie “Legally Blonde.”

Neumann previously sang at the presidential inaugurations for Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon. She has also sang at the Governor’s Ball of the Academy Awards and Emmy Awards. Her husband, Rodger Neumann, also has a live band and was nominated for a Grammy award.

These days, Neumann’s passion is for teaching children.

“It’s a great feeling to know you’re mentoring these kids and hoping you’re giving them something,” she said of her work teaching. “We’ve been doing a recital every year to bring a live professional band from LA, and they play backup for these kids, and these kids have never had that kind of experience.”

As for the dance portion, Neumann explained that the competitive high school teams in the Santa Clarita Valley means children begin taking dance classes as young as 3 years old. Thus she and Gina, a graduate of Saugus High School, decided to team up to coach SCV students in singing and dancing, respectively.

Students have gone on to become actors and actresses in the industry, Neumann said.

The name of the studio means “the love” in Italian, which is the spirit the Neumanns want to convey through their coaching.

“We named it l’amore because we try to make the studio like a real family,” she said.

Shannon Vidal is a parent to one of Neumann’s students, Therese, who has been taking vocal lessons for five years.

“She’s wonderful, absolutely wonderful, and I can’t say good enough about the studio,” Vidal said about Neumann’s teaching. “The people make the kids feel so loved. They provide such wonderful opportunities for these kids. She’s such a tremendous teacher. Very seldom do we have people so incredibly talented teaching our kids.”

West Ranch High School Theater is located at 26255 Valencia Boulevard.

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