Vasquez holds Night of Stars

Graduating senior Victoria Goertz attended Vasquez High School's Night of Stars event this week, which honored the students who have displayed academic and athletic excellence throughout the year.

During Vasquez High School’s Night of Stars event this week, Assemblyman Tom Lackey issued Legislative Certificates of Recognition to students who have displayed excellence throughout the year.

Night of Stars was organized by principal Ty Devoe in an effort to honor academic and athletic achievement at the school, said office clerk Shilo Villasenor. “Night of stars is important to me because those who do the correct things in society deserve to be highlighted for their achievements.”

Graduating senior Victoria Goertz has attended nearly every Night of the Stars event during her four years at the school, and she was in attendance for her final one on Tuesday.

“It was a nice experience,” Goertz said as she described principal Devoe’s heartfelt speech and the experience of shaking an Assemblyman’s hand on stage. “The school usually tries to keep the ceremony a secret from students, so I had no idea I was going to be honored.”

I owe my success to the teachers and staff at Vasquez, Goertz said. “We have a multitude of inspirational teachers, like Tracy Sparks, who push students to be their best and not slack off.

“They get through to kids, they emphasize the students and they really care about your personal life,” Goertz added. “It’s still important for teenagers to have an adult who you can go to for academic or personal problems.”

It is a small school so not every student will get the same face-to-face treatment at every school in Santa Clarita, Goertz said. “It’s special having a teacher who you have a connection with because they can tell if you’re having a bad day, ask you about it and lift you up.”

“Our students are amazing,” so it’s easy to accomplish, Villasenor said. “When the kids excel, then we excel.”

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