Castaic Animal Shelter opens its door for first ever Kitten Show adoption event

One kitten looks at the crowds that gather at the Castaic Animal Shelter Kitten Shower/Skylar Barti The Signal

For the first time to kick of kitten adoption season, the Castaic Animal Shelter hosted a kitten shower to let the public see all the cats the shelter has to offer.

The shelter partnered with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, ASPCA, to offer free adoptions for the cats that have been in foster care until they reached eight weeks old when they could be adopted, according to Larissa Barnes, a cat volunteer with the shelter.

Two girls had the chance to meet the kittens at the Castaic Animal Shelter Kitten Shower/Skylar Barti The Signal

“Often we bottle feed those babies from the time they were a few weeks old,” Barnes explained. “The problem with having kittens in foster care is they often don’t get seen by the public. So today we thought we’d bring all our cats from foster care in so the community could meet them and see all our different babies.”

Those who attended had the chance to meet with each of the kittens in person. Some of the kittens acted nervous latching onto the shirts of any who held them refusing to let go, but after a while would loosen up and allow the kids and parents to handle them carefully.

“Each of (of the volunteers and staff) take the kittens from the time they are really young and we look after them,” said Barnes. “We have mother cats with newborn babies, kittens that are even too young to be here today all in foster care.”

Barnes hoped that at least 15 cats, both kittens and adult, will be adopted during the shower. Though their deal with the ASPCA is ongoing, it could end at any time for those looking to get a cat.

One child holds her potential new pet at the Castaic Animal Shelter Kitten Shower/Skylar Barti The Signal

According to Barnes, all the cats have had their medical work already finished, including spaying and neutering, all shots and microchips.

The Castaic Animal Shelter is open every day of the week and offers adopts of cats, dogs, reptiles and other animals.

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