Flag ceremony for Fire Department’s Search Canine Hunter

Search Canine Hunter gets some affection.

Firefighters held a special flag ceremony Thursday in honor of a First Responder dog – Service Canine Hunter – who died recently.

The ceremony was held at Fire Station 136 of  the Los Angeles County Fire Department in Palmdale Thursday morning.

“Search Canine Hunter, K9 companion of Fire Captain Billy Monahan passed away after a long term illness on Thursday, May 24, 2018,” Fire Captain Keith Mora, wrote in a news release about the event.

Search Canine Hunter.

Hunter, a dog specially trained to sniff out victims, retired in January of this year after 14 years of dedicated service.

“As a member of CATF-2/USA 2, Hunter responded to numerous deployments,” Mora said in her release.

“In 2010 he helped save four lives in Haiti after a devastating earthquake. For his heroic efforts Hunter was the first K9 to be awarded Firefighter of the Year,” he said.

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