Preschools receive funds for improvements

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Following the allocation of $50 million in ongoing Proposition 98 funds, the Newhall School District approved the receipt of $18,000 to be used for improvements at its three preschool sites.

The district’s three sites were judged on a set of standards to determine the amount of money they received, the grant reads. The higher the rating, the more money a school is eligible to receive.

The state preschool at Newhall Elementary earned a 5 rating, which garnered the Newhall site $8,000, while the Peachland and McGrath state preschools respectively earned $6,000 and $4,000 for their ratings of 4 and 3 on the state’s Quality Continuum Framework.

Gov. Jerry Brown and the California Legislature have $50 million budgeted for the Quality Rating and Improvement System Block Grant, according to last week’s agenda. The grant aims to increase the number of low-income children in high-quality California State Preschool programs.

As a result, the Los Angeles County Office of Education was recently awarded funding from the California Department of Education to improve the quality of State Preschool programs across Los Angeles County.

The QRIS Block Grant is intended to prepare children for success in school and in life, the agenda reads, by increasing the total number of CSPPs programs with a QRIS rating of a “4” or higher and to assist those CSPPs programs already rated at a “4” or above to retain their rating.

A rating of 4 on the California’s QRIS Quality Continuum Framework means preschool sites are doing an effective job of maintaining the emotional and behavioral support of a child, according to the grant.

In collaboration with Child360, the three grants are intended to provide technical assistance, coaching, professional development and other incentives that will improve the overall quality of preschool programs at the district’s three sites, officials said.

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