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Owner, Coaching by Choice

Need motivation? Guidance? Inspiration? Meet Nancy Russon, a Santa Clarita Valley-based life coach who dreams of helping others achieve their own dreams.

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What factors motivated you to pursue a career as a life coach?
For the past four years, I have worked at the Glendale Fire Department. Initially, I was pursuing the dream of becoming a firefighter. After an on-the-job injury that would keep me from pursuing that career, I was fortunate enough to be put in a management position as the ambulance operator coordinator. In that position, I was a supervisor to many ambulance operators. I learned so many things that have prepared me for where I am today and will forever be grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow under some pretty amazing leadership.
After 3 1/2 years, they let me go. Initially, I was devastated. … Instead of allowing resentment in, I decided to see this as an opportunity to do whatever I wanted.
I was fortunate enough to have taken away many good skills I had learned from the Glendale Fire Department and coupled with my natural talent I knew it was time to take a chance. Most of us believe we are capable of more than our current situation but when it comes to doing the work to get there, one of several things may occur: 1) We get uncomfortable with the work required to get the results we want so we quietly let go of our dream; 2) We are afraid of failure and looking stupid for believing in something that may not work out; or 3) As crazy as it sounds, some people fear success more than failure because it will take them to an unfamiliar and possibly uncomfortable place so they remain in their current situation refusing to act on what their gut tells them and 4) The energy and momentum coasted on in the beginning comes to a stop and we no longer know how to believe in ourselves. Success takes risk. It is getting comfortable with being uncomfortable where real growth resides. It is believing in yourself regardless of setbacks.

Why did you decide to open your own business and how will you measure success?
It has always been a dream of mine to have my own business and, just as I mentioned, most people fear success more than failure. I was one who feared my own success. It wasn’t until the opportunity arose that I decided to take my own advice: If you want to create success, then you have to risk failure. I was tired of living just to work and decided I will work so I can live the life I choose. Success will not be measured by covering my living expenses. Success, to me, is measured by my referrals. If my clients aren’t referring me, then I have failed to make an impactful difference in their life. Success is knowing I have made a difference. Success is having time to spend with my family and friends. Success is living a financially free life from the chambers of debt. Success is giving back the positive energy and belief I sifted out of each day and inspiring others to channel it for their own success.

What do you believe as the greatest stressors – for employers and for employees – in today’s business marketplace?
I believe some of the greatest stressors that employers have is clear and effective communication with their employees. … There are no mind readers between management and employees so taking an extra moment to clarify expectations can be crucial to achieving successful results.

How has Signal Digital Solutions helped push your new business in the right direction, and why would you encourage other local professionals to consider Signal Digital Solutions?
I believe having a life coach will give you an edge above your competitors to achieve the results you are looking for. Signal Digital Solutions has given me an edge on my business’s advertising. Michael Madigan and his web designing team have given me the professional online look I wanted with all of the back-end support. Social media is key to maximizing your views and I know with Signal Digital Solutions I am in good hands.

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