Hyatt joins Carter’s fight

In this May 2017 photo, Jennifer Sarkar carries her son on Ponderosa Streert in Castaic.

After hearing about Carter Sarkar, his fight with Sanfilippo syndrome and the recent million-dollar movement to fund his clinical trial, the Hyatt Regency Valencia has announced that it will donate every dollar from its upcoming fireworks viewing event to the young boy from Castaic.

“Our entire staff was deeply moved by the article in Saturday’s paper regarding Carter Sarkar and the fight to save him from Sanfilippo syndrome,” said Natasha Zambrano, sales coordinator at Hyatt Regency Valencia. “We at Hyatt would like to contribute to this fight by offering our parking structure to the community to watch fireworks this upcoming Fourth of July.”

Children who are diagnosed with Sanfilippo syndrome will likely develop muscle pains, experience seizures and then, ultimately, die in their mid-to late-teens, said Jennifer Sarkar, Carter’s mother.

As a result, the family held a fundraiser in the past month with the goal to donate a million dollars to the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Cure Sanfilippo Foundation, which would fund a clinical trial that could give Carter a chance at life.

“Over the years the structure has been a gathering place to have an unobstructed view of the festivities (and fireworks) from Six Flags,” Zambrano said. “The plan is to charge folks $25 per parking spot on the top level of the structure and $10 for any other spot in the parking structure, with all proceeds going straight to save Carter.”

There are about 45 spots on top where people can park their vehicle and grill, said General Manager Mark Kirsch. “We expect to raise somewhere between the ballpark of $1,500 and $2,000 with all those funds going to that young man.”

Currently, $978,467 has already been donated to Carter, which means he only needs $21,533 more to afford his clinical trial for the genetic disorder that causes children to lose their speech, hearing and the ability to walk all before age 5.

The family has been taken aback by the “extremely generous” donations, Jennifer Sarkar said. “We feel extremely blessed to be part of this community.”

“The story was something that really touched us,” Kirsch said. “Since the Fourth of July is coming, and we have fireworks in the area, we thought it was something that could help.”

“It’s a great view on the top level,” Zambrano said. “People were headed up there anyways, so now they might as well come and help the cause.”

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