Newhall Escrow celebrates 55 years in the SCV


Newhall Escrow Co. was ahead of the curve in 1963: In a small town surrounded by grazing cattle, pig farms and fields where farmers grew onions and carrots, the family-owned escrow business opened its doors just as dozens of new home tracts were being planned.

The timing was perfect.

The new homes forever transformed the Santa Clarita Valley from a sleepy rural community into the thriving suburban city it has become today, and along the way, Newhall Escrow has been there to bring a personal touch to the new residents’ move-in experience.

Later this month, Newhall Escrow will celebrate its 55th anniversary as “The SCV’s Most Trusted Escrow Company.”

“We’re proud of that heritage, as we reflect upon our company’s history and prepare to celebrate our 55th anniversary,” said Steven A. Corn, president and CEO of Newhall Escrow. “The company was instrumental in the growth and development of the valley over the past half-century, and we’re proud to uphold that legacy today. Many of our clients are now repeat customers who are no longer ‘new’ to the SCV, and have come to know and trust our team.”

As one might imagine, it was a simpler time in 1963. Escrow instructions took up a page or two. Over the years, transactions have gotten more complicated, each escrow is unique, and each must satisfy a wide range of legal requirements.

“We’re proud to say our team has stayed ahead of those changes for 55 years,” said Corn, who has owned the company since 2004. “We emphasize personal service, teamwork and attention to detail, and we have an excellent team of professionals with the experience and knowledge to make each client’s transaction go as smoothly and efficiently as possible.”

His team is also bolstered by the experience from employees like Shelly Kanke and Teresa Boyle, who’ve each been with the team more than a dozen years, and really understand the community, he said.

And now the tradition looks to continue with the newest generation of the family to join the business, Steve’s daughter Chelsea.
But for Corn, the client is treated like family, too, which has been another part of the “secret” to the company’s longevity, he said.  

Staying in business for 55 years is no easy thing,” he said. “Here’s what I think our ‘secret sauce’ is: It’s not a transactional way of thinking for us. We think about the impact we’re making in the lives involved in every file.”

Corn, who gives back to the community through his service on several nonprofit boards of directors, says he values those community connections. “That’s what I love about this business,” Corn said. “We have the opportunity to help people, in a profound way, every day.”

This attitude isn’t just talk, but reflected in the support of such organizations as the COC Foundation, The Rotary Club and Single Mothers Outreach, to name a few of the many the company supports.

“When you think about the effect that your actions have on behalf of others, it takes on a whole different perspective on your efficiencies, your emotions, your atititsuce and your processes — all of which are the ingredients that create a positive outcome,” he said. “And if you can make an impact on somebody and you’re feeling good about the process, then everybody wins.”

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