Sentencing postponed for accessory in fatal gang shooting



A Newhall gang member initially charged with murder in the gunning down of a rival gang member, but who pleaded earlier this year to the lesser charge of being an accessory after the fact, saw her sentencing postponed Tuesday for the third time.

Jaqueline Arreola, 25, who was initially charged with murder in the fatal shooting last year of Ivan Solis, appeared Tuesday in San Fernando Superior Court for sentencing and was told her sentencing would happen next month.

She is now scheduled to be sentenced on Aug. 20.

In April, Arreola testified for prosecutors at the preliminary hearing of her co-accused, Nicholas Colletta, that she saw him pull out a “gray” gun and shoot Solis at Begonias Lane Park on July 11, 2017.

She also admitted during the prelim that the shooting was done for the benefit of a gang.

At the close of the preliminary hearing, Judge Hayden Zacky ruled Colletta should stand trial for murder and that Arreola be sentenced on May 21.

As of Tuesday, the latest date for her sentencing is now slated to happen next month.

Ivan Solis was shot as the result of a confrontation between members of rival gangs, according to testimony Arreola gave in April.

At that time, she said she was made a member of the Brown Familia gang in summer 2015.

She started dating Colletta, who’s also a Brown Familia gang member, about five or six weeks prior to the shooting, she said at the prelim.

Her nickname was “Clowdy”; his was “Sicko.”

Prosecutors allege in their felony complaint that Solis had been shot for “the benefit of, at the direction of, and in association with, a criminal street gang.”

Arreola was named jointly with Colletta in a felony complaint filed with Los Angeles Superior Court on Aug. 14, 2017.

Solis died of multiple gunshot wounds, Lt. David Smith of the Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner told The Signal in March.

Solis had been shot seven times: twice in the head, twice in the upper torso, twice in the lower torso and once in the right forearm, according to the coroner’s report.

The paths of both bullets through the victim’s head were described by the coroner as back to front and left to right.

Colletta is scheduled to appear in court on July 16.

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