Washing machine joins morning commuters in the fast lane of I-5

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A washing machine that’s fallen off the back of a pickup truck in the northbound lanes of Interstate 5, just south of Highway 126, served as a reminder about road caution, officers said Tuesday.

No motorists hit the large appliance and no one was hurt, California Highway Patrol Officer Eric Priessman said Tuesday morning.

“Regardless of what appliance it is, every driver is required to drive appropriately for the conditions,” he said. “You need to drive at a speed that lets you react to things on the roadway in front of you.

“You have to have enough time to see it, react to it and, hopefully, avoid it,” he said.

Shortly before 10 a.m., passing motorists reported the appliance as having ended up in the “No. 1” lane — commonly referred to as the fast lane.

The owner of the appliance, who is responsible for having it removed, pulled over to the side of the freeway and waited for CHP officers, Priessman said.

CHP diverted motorists around the appliance.

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