Art lesson open to the public with Pinot’s Palette and Spotlight Art Center

Jessica and Isabel Aguilar sat across Evelyn and Evan Ko as they all worked on their own interpretations of "Giraffing Me Crazy." Ryan Mancini/The Signal

The Spotlight Arts Center opened its doors for Pinot’s Palette to give parents and their children a painting lesson, Sunday afternoon.

Instructor Kenneth Alexander gave a multi-step lesson on replicating “Giraffing Me Crazy,” with guests using their own color schemes.

Lead artist Richard Warren said this particular art lesson was not a fundraiser, as Pinot’s Palette occasionally does with different venues. Spotlight welcomed them to give local art enthusiasts some skills and tips.

“They are open (to us), they have been for years,” he said. “This has been going on for three years, where we do this once a month.”

Pinot’s Palette offers mobile events, with every third Sunday of the month coordinated for children, Warren said. Homes, corporate events, auctions and charities are among some of the other opportunities to see Pinot’s Palette provide art lessons. Due to children present, no alcohol was provided, but families were allowed to bring their own food and drinks.

At their first class, Jessica and Isabel Aguilar initially discovered the class was taking place on Facebook.

“It’s a good one-on-one with someone you can bring,” Jessica said.

Isabel smiled, adding, “It’s fun.”

A portion of the proceeds for admission will go to Spotlight, Warren said.

For information on how to book a private art lesson with Pinot’s Palette, go to

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