Mothers and Daughters bond with painted Unicorns

Chastity Burchuk paints with her daughter at Painting with a Twists Unicorn Painting event/Skylar Barti The Signal

Mothers and Daughters from Santa Clarita had a shared some bonding time painting unicorns at Painting with a Twist in Canyon Country, Saturday.

A dozen mother-daughter pairs filled the family room of Painted with a Twist to learn about how to paint from the staff while spending time with one another.

The day’s theme had the staff bring the mothers and daughters pre-sketched unicorns for the pairs to fill in with their own details and pictures, according to Steven Brentnall with Painting with a Twist.

“I shop at Target a lot and saw the event next door and thought it would be fun to bring my daughter,” said Chastity Burchuk. “So I’m here with my daughter and it’s been a lot of fun to have this time together.”

The lesson was led by Molly Eschbacher who helped the pairs choose the look of each unicorn and how to paint it in ways that each pair liked for them to turn out.

Molly Eschbacher shows some painting techniques at Painting with a Twist’s Unicorn Painting event/Skylar Barti The Signal

Painting with a Twist holds events nearly every week. These events seek to teach the local community about painting and various styles and techniques. For more information on upcoming events visit their website at

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