Power outage in Newhall was caused by a bad underground cable, Edison says


The power outage that initially affected around 3,600 Southern California Edison users in Newhall on Saturday was caused by a bad underground cable, an Edison spokesperson said on Sunday.

After Edison technicians arrived to determine the cause of the outage, the cable was replaced to ensure a restoration of electrical power, said spokesperson Caroline Aoyagi.

The outage initially began at 11:21 a.m., but within 13 minutes was working again for 3,000 users. This left hundreds of people without power until crews restored power to all but around 45 users.

It was initially reported that the power was to be restored by 8 p.m., as the crews worked to help the remaining customers after turning on certain circuits, Aoyagi said. A full restoration did not occur until midnight, she added.

Edison is prepared to help communities ahead of unpredictable outages, Aoyagi said.

“There’s an investment in upgrading the equipment,” she said. “So we determine which areas will have upgraded equipment.”

For more information on Edison’s goals with its investment plan, go to sce.com.

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