Investigation continues with Canyon View Estates solar panels

Solar panels line a hillside in Canyon Country above the Canyon View Estates. The City of Santa Clarita has ordered the removal of these panels. Cory Rubin/ The Signal

The solar panels behind the Canyon View Estates mobile home park remain on the hillsides nearly two months after the city of Santa Clarita directed owners to remove them.

In July, the city issued a notice of violation for the installment of multiple solar panels in and outside the park for failing to obtain the required permits and not complying with conditions of approval, including a condition that 50 percent of the property remain as open space.

Owners of the property were ordered to remove the panels as a result.

Since the installment of the solar project more than a year ago, owners of the mobile home park have not publicly commented on the matter, and again have been unavailable for comment this week. Managing Partner Kerry Seidenglanz last told The Signal that the project was conducted with the residents’ best interest in mind.

Residents feared possible safety hazards, including radiation and increased heat and flooding.

Because mobile home parks are under the jurisdiction of the California Department of Housing and Community Development and the installation is located within the park boundaries, HCD sent out an inspector.

“The inspection revealed the installation was in accordance with the approved plans and there were no violations,” HCD spokeswoman Alicia Murillo said Monday.

Still, several residents in and outside the park have complained about the “eyesore that’s still there today,” as Santa Clarita resident Bill Statler described it.

City officials said in July after issuing the notice that Canyon View should have sought entitlements from the city as there are permitted conditions to operate within city limits.

The city said an investigation is ongoing, but it didn’t disclose whether the owners of Canyon View have cooperated since the notice of violation was issued.

“The code enforcement case remains open and is actively being pursued by staff with the city attorney’s office,” said Carrie Lujan, communications manager with the city.

City attorney Joe Montes declined to comment on the matter Tuesday.

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