John Cox visits Santa Clarita gas station to talk to ‘real people’

California gubernatorial candidate John Cox shake hands with Santa Clarita resident Joseph LaRocca at the gas station of the Costco on Via Princessa in Canyon Country on Wednesday as part of his Help is on the Way Tour. Cory Rubin/ The Signal
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Gubernatorial candidate John Cox stopped by Santa Clarita for the first stop of his “Help Is On The Way” bus tour — choosing a local Costco gas station as his destination.

“There’s over 30 stops on our tour, and we’re popping into normal places and talking to normal people like this,” Cox said, pausing to stop and introduce himself by the windows of the cars lining up at the pump.

“I’m John Cox, and I’m running for governor,” he said in greeting, shaking hands with each driver. “I’m coming out today to meet people like you.”

Assemblyman Dante Acosta, R-Santa Clarita, was present to show his support for Cox’s campaign, and to let Santa Clarita residents know he opposed the 12-cent-per-gallon gas tax passed in 2017.

“John is concerned the people of California are being overtaxed, especially because it affects us here as a commuter district,” Acosta said. “My focus is so people are aware of the effort for the gas tax repeal, and from my point of view, I also want my constituents to know I didn’t vote for the gas tax, and I’m for Proposition 6,” which would repeal the gas tax.

Cox said he wanted to differentiate himself from opponent Gavin Newsom by trying to pick a place where he could meet potential constituents.

“My opponent went to campaign offices to talk to the political elite,” he said. “But I like talking to real people, and finding them at places like this. I tell people that yes, I want to build roads, but I also want to make sure California is affordable. And we’re going to make it that way.”

Santa Clarita resident Annette Salsburey’s car sported a John Cox bumper sticker as she sat waiting for an available pump. She gasped when Cox came up, saying, “I’m voting for you! You’re the best.”

Salsburey, a retired substitute teacher who now lives in Santa Clarita, said her husband commutes into the San Fernando Valley and “we could all use a break” regarding the gas tax and more.

“We need him,” Salsburey said. “I feel he is for the people. He’s for the working guy. And me? I’m a working guy.”

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