Planners set to review housing project


A plan to build 37 homes next to a similar proposed development calling for more than 100 homes, with both projects across the street from Pico Canyon Elementary School, is scheduled to be reviewed by county regional planners Thursday.

Members of the Subdivision Committee at the Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning are expected to review a status report on their list of demands handed down in April.

Developer Jon Friedman, of Thousand Oaks, wants to build 37 homes on 94.28 acres southwest of Pico Canyon Road at Interstate 5, just east of Magnolia Lane.

His project is near the western edge of the Aidlin Hills project, which calls for more than 100 homes.

Although the committee meeting is open to the public, it is not scheduled to be broadcast live online.

The housing project, referred to by regional planners as PI Properties No. 36, also calls for two open space lots and five public facilities.

The entire project sits on at least 94 acres of hilly terrain, prompting planners to approve a conditional use permit to grade a site that requires moving more than 100,000 cubic yards of earth — specifically, the removal of about 830,000 cubic yards of soil.

An initial study assessing the overall environmental impact of the project is still to be done.

Committee members — representing stakeholder agencies affected by the project including the Public Works, Public Health, Fire and Parks and Recreation departments — are expected to review the fifth revision made to the project’s tentative map.

A review of the latest map reveals the project’s proximity to the Aidlin Hills housing project, which calls for the construction of 102 homes south of Pico Canyon Road, about 1,500 feet across Pico Canyon Road from the elementary school.

It would cover about 230 acres of hilly land, also requiring extensive grading.

Two years ago, county planning commissioners approved a conditional use permit allowing the developer — Lennar Homes of California — to grade more than 100,000 cubic yards of soil on a hillside.

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