Residents, deputies, respond to reports of naked man

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When a couple of Saugus residents spotted a naked man masturbating at the intersection of Plum Canyon Road and Bouquet Canyon Road, they called the cops.

Shortly after midnight Monday, deputies with the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station responded to the area, but did not find the suspect, Deputy Josh Stamsek said.

“We received two calls on this, but we were unable to locate him,” he said. “This was for a guy seen pleasuring himself.”

The incident allegedly happened shortly after midnight.

One resident of the Bouquet Canyon Village neighborhood said he ran out to confront the man, but by the time he caught up with him, the suspect was clothed.

“I talked to him face-to-face,” Joe Willard said.

As he dashed out the door, Willard’s wife phoned 911 to report the incident.

By the time Willard caught up with the suspect, the man was dressed.

Then, after sharing news of the naked man with the person Willard believed was the suspect, the suspect suggested they look in the different directions.

Shortly after making the suggestion, the suspect then “hopped over a wall” and began running north on Bouquet, Willard said.

“He was running and yelling, ‘Hey, come back here, come back here,’” he said.

Willard said he saw the man turn west onto Dot Street, and vanish from sight.

The suspect was described by Willard as “50-ish’ with gray hair, 6 feet tall and 180 pounds



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