SCV opinions differ on Kavanaugh, Ford

Courtesy of the Senate Judiciary Committee website.

If you ask Santa Clarita Valley residents their thoughts on the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing featuring the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, you’ll get a diverse array of opinions — but no last names, and no pictures.

The Signal visited several public locations on Friday asking residents for their thoughts on the Thursday hearing, in which Ford described the sexual assault she says took place in the summer of 1982 when Kavanaugh groped her and tried to undress her during a house party, when both of them were in high school. The day after the hearing, the Judiciary Committee voted to send Kavanaugh’s nomination to a full Senate vote, but only after a supplementary investigation by the FBI into Ford’s allegations.

Not many residents were willing to give their opinion or be photographed. Most of those who did speak did not wish for their full names to be used, but the following are among the reactions they provided:

Pat from Canyon Country:
“They have agreed to a week-long investigation. (Kavanaugh) didn’t represent himself very, very well (on Thursday). She was — it could have happened (to her) — but she was weak.”

John G. from Canyon Country:
“The incident at hand regarding Kavanaugh is irrelevant. When you’re dealing with minors, where were the parents?”

Chris Blankenhorn from Valencia:
“He’s been approved (by the Senate Judiciary Committee). It doesn’t surprise me. He’s going to get confirmed. And it’s hypocritical since Obama wouldn’t get somebody on the court. He’ll probably get confirmed, even though the Republicans don’t want to lose the women vote in November.”

Lauren G. from Stevenson Ranch:
“It’s a shame for them. I don’t know who to believe. I am suspect of anyone bringing charges 36 years later. (If) a man is accused, I feel bad for him and his family if it’s not true. If it’s true, I feel bad for the woman to suffer this humiliation, but why 36 years later? I think all women have suffered humiliation at the hands of men. At what point do we not play the victim role?”

Tigist Jimma from Canyon Country:
“I am with the Republicans. I want him to be (confirmed). I believe he’s honest. (The FBI) will investigate him, but I trust him. Yeah, she’s hurt.”

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