Drops in internet service across SCV affect individuals, not communities

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Reports of an AT&T internet outage in Saugus over the weekend turned out to be “individualized” service complaints as opposed to “downed” sectors of service, a spokesman for the telecommunications company said Wednesday.

On Monday, a Saugus man named Jim contacted The Signal to report what at first appeared to be an AT&T outage that left him and at least two of his neighbors without internet service.

“I am an AT&T U-Verse subscriber and we haven’t had any service since Saturday,” he said.

Jim, who declined to provide his last name, said he phoned AT&T several times and on those rare occasions when he actually spoke to someone, he was told, that AT&T “lost a server” and that workers were “waiting for a part in order to fix it.”

When Jim asked how widespread the outage was, he was apparently told: “We’re not allowed to tell how big the outage is.”

AT&T spokesman Ryan Oliver said a check with the company’s workers in Los Angeles County revealed no sector was without internet service this past weekend.

“We don’t have information on a widespread outage in the (SCV) area,” he said.

According to an online company that monitors internet service provided by all carriers, the frequency of individuals experiencing a drop in internet service is a daily phenomenon.

“Whenever an outage occurs, our site shows it up almost instantly, as we use data mining and sentiment analysis for complaints posted not only on our website but also on social media such as Twitter and Facebook,” said Xavier Larrea, spokesman for the website Istheservicedown.com.

SCV internet users experiencing drops in service can visit the site for information on outages.

“They can also use the outage map (https://istheservicedown.com/problems/att/map)  to pinpoint a particular city or town and our site will show complaints and reports submitted by users in near the local area specified,” Larrea said.

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