Operation Restoration brings bikers and families together to support downed riders

Isaac Cardona, with his wife Carol, was one of two bikers receiving support through the Operation Restoration fundraiser. Ryan Mancini/The Signal

Coming together as one large family, bikers and their loved ones supported downed riders at the Operation Restoration fundraiser at Route 66 Classic Grill on.

Hosted by Shark Squad Motorcycle Attorneys, the event helped raise money for bikers Isaac Cardona and Richard Alcala, who both were recently hit in separate motorcycle accidents.

Cardona suffered scratches on his arms, three crushed vertebrae, which pinched a nerve, and required plastic surgery for major facial lacerations. Alcala was left paralyzed from the neck down.

“We were approached by Lonny La Sand about his friend Richie and then his other friend Isaac, who had both been hit by cars on their way out from a charity event, which is just sad and pathetic,” said Kimmy Donna, a lead organizer for the fundraiser.

Bob Karas presents his vest for Bikers for Christ, founded by Pastor Fred Zariczny, or Pastor Z, who also attended Operation Restoration in support of Cardona and Alcala. Ryan Mancini/The Signal

La Sand was one of two celebrities appearances at Operation Restoration. He and fellow actor Emilio Rivera, both from the television show “Sons of Anarchy” and its spin-off, “The Mayans,” appeared to support Cardona and Alcala. Film and television actor Danny Trejo was also set to appear, but could not due to a family emergency in Texas.

With his wife Carol, Cardona said he could no longer ride due to the pinched nerve. He emphasized the need for drivers to pay attention to the road.

“People don’t pay attention, and that’s what we needed,” Cardona said. “It’s bringing awareness to people. Put your cellphones down, lock them in your glove box. Nothing’s that important, it can be dealt with later. Get to your destination and then turn around and get on your phone.”

Several other riders who have been hit on the road also came to support one another. Donna was in an accident on Wednesday and received some bruising and a concussion. Jamie Sendejas was invited by the Familia Social Club, who his uncle is a member. While not a biker, he was hit by a car, scratching his face, leg and left wrist and needed to get a skin graft, said Familia founder Eddie Cardenas.

“I love my scars,” Sendejas said. “They show who I am.”

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