Knight, SCV GOP welcome Cox’s “Help is on the Way” tour days before election

John Cox, Republican candidate for Governor gives a press conference during a bust tour stop at GOP Headquarters in Canyon Country on Saturday, November 03, 2018. Dan Watson/the Signal

Just days away from the 2018 midterm elections, Republican gubernatorial candidate John Cox came to support Rep. Steve Knight and Assemblyman Dante Acosta outside the Santa Clarita Valley Republican Headquarters on Saturday.

Cox’s stop in Santa Clarita was one of several for his “Help is on the Way” bus tour across California. Once the bus arrived, Cox spoke with Knight, R-Palmdale, standing next to him. Acosta, R-Santa Clarita, was not present.

“We are going to have a new day in California and it starts with electing a new governor on Tuesday,” Cox said.

He continued by addressing several issues, including infrastructure, the statewide California High-Speed Rail project, building affordable homes, water storage and homelessness. Frequently met with cheers after each issue, Cox also addressed California’s sanctuary state law.

“We need less crime, we need to make sure that we have the protection of all of our officials,” he said. “Just about every sheriff in this state is against the sanctuary state law. It’s (Democratic gubernatorial candidate Gavin) Newsom’s baby, let’s hang it around his neck and let’s beat him on Tuesday.”

Knight praised Cox’s visit, adding that while the United States has a president like Donald Trump, California needs a governor who will say, “Enough is enough, help is on the way.”

“We need this and California needs this, and the buck can stop at the governor’s office in California,” he said. “I’ve seen it happens hundreds of times, so it can, and that’s why we need a governor.”

Carlo Basail, committee member and treasurer of the 38th Assembly District Republican Central Committee, said Cox’s arrival was a way to energize supporters and canvassers after weeks working on various campaigns.

“It is time-consuming, it is frustrating because you don’t really see where are we going, are we (having) an effect, and it is wonderful to have an energetic rally to tell everybody, ‘Yeah, we’re on the right path,’” Basail said. “‘Let’s keep this energy going.’ You know, kind of like a revival. It’s almost like a religious revival.”

Santa Clarita resident Gene Smith believes Cox and Knight are among the few politicians in the state helping Californians rather than holding power for themselves.

“(Politicians would) rather have power,” Smith said. “Especially (toward) the middle class, manipulate us around and think we’re all stupid. Well fortunately this election, unless it turns out better than I anticipated, it’ll show that they’re really stupid for electing Gavin Newsom, who has quite an affiliation with San Francisco.”

Newsom served as San Francisco’s mayor from 2004 to 2011.

But while Cox and Knight made their case for supporters at the rally, they both said they will serve all Californians in the state. Cox said that included reaching out to all Republicans and talking to independents and Democrats, too.

“All of us are struggling,” he said.

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