Metrolink riders can now print one-way tickets at home with new web portal

Metrolink launches online ticketing portal to print tickets at home. Screenshot of Metrolink Ticket Web Portal

Commuter rail service Metrolink has launched a ticketing portal aimed at improving customer service and convenience, officials announced Wednesday.

The Ticket Web Portal allows riders to purchase and print one-way tickets at home, as well as buy mobile tickets to use through the Metrolink app.

“Metrolink customers want to make their arrangement when it’s convenient for them and adding the online ticketing portal with the print-at-home option satisfies that demand,” Ronnie Campbell, Metrolink interim co-CEO, said in a prepared statement.

Santa Clarita Mayor Pro Tem Marsha McLean, an avid Metrolink customer, said Thursday that although she just recently learned about the new portal, she can see the benefits of printing at home.

“I’ve been talking about this for a while since I’ve used Metro for a long time,” she said on improving convenience. “To be able to buy tickets when you want to and use them when you need to sounds great. I think our local riders will be happy to see this feature.”

Santa Clarita has a ridership average of just more than 400 daily boardings, according to Metrolink spokesman Paul Gonzales. He said most customers are monthly-pass purchasers and high demand to buy tickets increases at the beginning and end of a month, which increases wait times at vending ticket machines.  

How it works
The four-step process asks users to select the trip origin and destination, choose a ticket type, enter payment information and, finally, print the ticket or move it to the Metrolink Mobile App Wallet to be scanned onboard by inspectors.

Customers can also purchase one-way tickets online for someone else by sending them the portable document format, or PDF.

Corporate Quickcard riders, however, should continue to use paper tickets from ticket vending machines, according to the Metrolink website.

Purchases of one-way tickets are offered only without transfers to Metro buses or rail and other transit partners. Transfers to other transit systems will require separate tickets.

The online ticketing portal is compatible with most internet browsers including Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox.

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