SCV residents, seniors stand in support of Women’s March LA

Roselva Unger, 92, right, holds a sigh as she stands with a group on the corner of McBean Parkway and Valencia Boulevard on Saturday as they support the 2019 Women's March which is taking place in Los Angeles Saturday. Dan Watson/The Signal
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As a sign of solidarity with demonstrators walking the streets of downtown Los Angeles for the third annual Women’s March, a group of Santa Clarita residents raised posters and welcomed honks of support with their own demonstration at the corner of McBean Parkway and Valencia Boulevard on Saturday.

The group consisted mostly of seniors who, rather than drive, carpool or take the Metrolink to Downtown L.A.,, decided to band together and show their support for the march and what it stands for.

“We wanted to just have a local event and be able to say these same things to the Santa Clarita Valley,” said demonstrator Lynne Plambeck.

Plambeck, who held a sign that read, “I will not go quietly back to the 1950s,” said a seniors’ initiative to participate in the march is to maintain what’s been accomplished over the decades in the drive for equality.

“We don’t want to go backwards, we want to move forwards,” said Robin Clough, student relations representative with the American Association of University Women. “We know the importance and critical nature of this.”

Clough, who also works as the volunteer and recreation coordinator of the Santa Clarita Valley Senior Center, said she hopes Women’s March demonstrators think about the efforts of the suffragette movement. During the early 20th century, suffragettes around the world pushed for increased equality for women, including the right to vote in several countries.

“The least we can do is stand out here and raise awareness in our community,” she said. “It’s a small thing to do, but if it helps, do it.”

Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, or PFLAG, co-founders Peggy and Jeffrey Stabile had joined demonstrators in Santa Clarita last year following their first visit to the Women’s March in Los Angeles in 2017. Like other demonstrators, they decided to stay in Santa Clarita and show their support for the march.

“Going to the march and participating in this is prompted by the need for equal rights for all,” said Peggy Stabile. “So in a way, PFLAG would factor into it because that’s what we are striving for. We’re striving to educate and to support, and that’s what we’re doing here, too.”

She held a sign with the short message, “Integrity matters.”

“That says it all,” she said.

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