Wilk introduces bill aimed at state’s homeless crisis

Senator Scott Wilk of the 21st district.

Prior to Sunday’s legislative introduction deadline, Sen. Scott Wilk introduced Senate Bill 333, a measure aimed at California’s homeless crisis.

If passed, SB 333 will require the Homeless Coordinating and Financing Council to develop and implement a long-term strategic plan — complete with specific goals and benchmarks — to combat homelessness across the state, Wilk said in a news release sent out Tuesday.

“Too many Californians are forced to live in such miserable, inhumane conditions, especially in areas like the high desert with extreme weather conditions,” said Wilk. “My bill will allow the state to take a significant step forward in ending this crisis and getting our most vulnerable community members back on their feet.”

SB 333 stems from a “scathing” report released last year by the state’s auditor, who, at the request of Wilk and Assemblyman Tom Lackey, R-Palmdale, investigated California’s efforts to solve the homeless problem and found woeful inadequacies in the system, the release states, adding the bill addresses several recommendations from that report.

“I’m thankful to the auditor for shedding light on this critical issue and providing a clear and efficient solution,” said Wilk. “It is time that Californians see results from their hard-earned taxpayer dollars. This bill will hold state government accountable in its effort to address homelessness and ensure that not a single cent from the taxpayer goes to waste.”

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