Newhall Family Theatre announces newly finished improvements, projects

The inside of the renovated Newhall Family Theatre for the Performing Arts. Courtesy Photo

Tom Lund, the Newhall Family Theatre manager, gave an overview of various events and projects recently hosted or completed at the theater during a presentation to the Newhall School District governing board Tuesday.

“Some projects that we completed this past year have been enhancements to the audio equipment, new signage on the front of the building to identify the venue as the Newhall Family Theatre for the Performing Arts, complete furnishing of the dressing rooms, as well as additional lighting for our outdoor patio area,” said Lund in a follow-up interview Wednesday.

The theater, since it opened its doors March 14 of last year, has hosted church groups, outside theater groups, Newhall Elementary School students holding monthly performances and assemblies, and four other schools having used the stage for their student activities, Lund said.

“Different organizations, outside of the Newhall School District, have used the space, with an estimated 5,300 patrons attending those events,” said Lund. “Any organization is allowed to use the space, as long as they maintain a family-friendly event.”

In addition to talking about what has already passed and/or completed, Lund talked about the future of the Newhall Family Theatre. He touched on plans for a web series teaching theater 101, video interviews with people from Santa Clarita now working in the entertainment industry as well as an on-site workshop program that gives kids a hands-on look into all aspects of theater.

“Additionally, we are looking to renovate the space adjacent to the theater to increase rehearsal space by building a dance studio and music practice rooms,” said Lund.

But in the meantime, Lund said the plan for the future is to continue their work in increasing accessibility of the theater for NSD students, as well as encouraging kids who want to find careers in the arts.

“When the students walk in for the first time, you get to see the wonderment on their faces as they soak in the beauty of the theater,” the theater manager said. “The Newhall School District takes pride in our arts education and integration programs for our students, and we look to incorporate the theater for that as well.”

For more information about the Newhall Family Theatre, visit, The theater is located at 24607 Walnut St. in Newhall.

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